About the Arena

Why choose the Splat Attack Battle Arena?

The Splat Attack Battle Arena is your source for indoor adventure and action. More intense than laser tag, more action than those foam dart shooters, and more fun than sitting on the couch, Splat Attack Battle Arena puts you and your friends in the game!

My Best Friend Rose

My Best Friend Rose Pball is the fun-loving, totally awesome mascot of the Wild Rose Paintball and Airsoft Park. She lives in a different location than I do. Her place is up in Acton, Montana. We are only about 23 minutes away, which really isn’t far at all. She does the same thing as me, helping families create adventurous memories, helping companies with team building activities, etc. We love what we do. She has been at it a little longer than me, about three years longer. That doesn’t mean my place isn’t just as awesome though. Everyone loves it at the Splat Attack Battle Arena, adults and kids of ALL ages!

Why did we start the Splat Attack Battle Arena?

When we bought the Wild Rose Paintball field we knew we needed an indoor space. Let’s face it, Montana winters can be unpredictable and cold. We searched all over Billings.

Then, we finally found the perfect spot. The right size, bathrooms in the back, the possibility for food and drinks, a space to watch the action safely, and many more possibilities to give you an adventure of a lifetime! We are extremely excited to offer an activity for all ages.

The Splat Attack Battle Arena is great for parties, team bonding and building for either businesses or athletics, date nights, family outings, school field trips, large or small groups, special events and much more. Give us a call at 406-927-3489 to schedule your even today!