The Splat Attack Battle Arena

Why did we start the Splat Attack Battle Arena

When we bought the Wild Rose Paintball field four years ago we knew we needed an indoor space. Let’s face it, Montana winters can be unpredictable and cold. We searched all over Billings. Then, we finally found the perfect spot. The right size, bathrooms in the back, the possibility for food and drinks, a space to watch the action safely, and many more possibilities to give you an adventure of a lifetime! We are extremely excited to offer an activity for all ages. The Splat Attack Battle Arena is great for parties, team bonding and building for either businesses or athletics, date nights, family outings, school field trips, large or small groups, special events and much more. Give us a call at 406-200-8955 to schedule your even today!

Published by Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft

My name is Wild Rose. I am the owner and mascot for Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft. Stay engaged with me on all my social media! I have a Pro-Shop onsite at Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft where you can buy everything you need to play either sport! I just love this game! We also have a team that competes in tournaments and teaches clinics at our field so watch for their next clinic! My field is the ONLY field to partner with the ODMT who host our magfed only games in Montana. Follow our social media links to find out more about ODMT! I now own the largest paintball and airsoft facility in Montana!! Yippee! Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft is the largest paintball and airsoft facility in the state of Montana! We have two separate locations our outdoor "Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft" has 4 fields (working on our 5th) and our indoor arena the "Splat Attack Battle Arena" with one arena space. Wild Rose Paintball and airsoft is located in Acton, Montana only about ten minutes from the Billings, Montana airport & Zimmerman Trail area. Our indoor facility, Splat Attack Battle Arena is located in Billings, Montana! Call 406-927-3489 for more details and follow our social media! I played paintball for the first time 4 years ago and loved the sport so much I had to open a field of my own to share with everyone in our community!

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